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ok, I kept seeing the main character on pixel art in Pinterest, but finding out it's an actual full game it's awesome

this game is one of the best indie games i have played 

but i need azerty controles

The key buttons should be customable

I love this game demo and i'm anxious for final result. i love so much 

this game is lit. Wonderful graphics and gameplay it never let me bored ;D

it reminds off old games like contra or Cave Story ;)

Very cool little demo, PS4 joystick support would be nice. 


A great demo. Loved the design, the combat, the music.

I suggest that the game levels have some random objects, items, enemies and tasks (not necessarily procedural generation) for making the game replayable.

I suggest to allow the player to customize the protagonist.

Spanish review of this great game! love it.


Buying this for the pixel art alone. Fantastic demo and can't wait for the full game! 

Hey This Game Looks Great! I am sucker for good pixel graphic and the multi-type weapon choices are really fun i put it up on my channel!

I Played the demo, A M A Z I N G game!
 Keep it up! I will buy this game in steam. Do you have the realease date? The month and day in 2020. Will it run in Linux?

There has been little to no dev posting over here in months.  Is this game still alive?


it is, the dev mostly posts to twitter @ThunderhorseCO

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Awesome demo! While going the game I noticed while fullscreen on at 1440x810 results in a very slow fps playback but once I switch fullscreen off, the playback & fps is superb. Just thought to bring it up... Thx again! Love the soundtrack!

Hola, me encanta el juego, es muy bonito.

Sera también en Switch y PS4?


Awesome!! Doing a article for a brazilian website right now!

I havent even played this demo yet and i already love it. wow Thunderhorse, great game, keep it up, im proud of you!

I tried to make a speed run of the game, it was even interesting.

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Just WOW. I knew by looking at the screenshots that this would be awesome. This is way, way, way beyond what I had hoped. 

Stunning to look at. Sound is beautiful. Gameplay is smooth. Cannot wait to play the full game. 

This is genuinely some pretty awesome stuff. I'm really looking forward to this game's release! One question, though. Any plans to possibly release this game on Mac in the future?

why do you own a mac

Kreegola Can't tell if you're joking or not

This game is so awesome! I played it for one minute and..WOW..i have no word to describe it. But I wanted something, I would like you to optimize the game for people who do not have the condition to have a good computer, because this game is very well and deserves to be played by all. Good game.

I am so happy that I got to play this demo and even more excited that it funded through kickstarter and has a page on Steam. I manage to play this for my Indie Game Showcase, and have already added it to my wishlist on Steam. I cannot wait for this game to come out.

Why's no one talking about this beautiful thing?

cos is a demo


Gave it a go...

Game looks so great! I made a gameplay video in spanish.

I love the game I hope the full version will come out soon


For anyone asking about Discord, we do have a server! You can join here -

Demo Impressions:

-You need borderless fullscreen mode or borderless windowed mode.  A way to run the game to cover the entire screen but with much easier alt-tabbing.  Many people have multiple monitors and this also allows them to multi-task easier.  In addition it is easier to stream in such a mode compared to the fullscreen-exclusive mode already present in the demo.

-No customizable controls is really crappy IMHO, however I hope this can be worked on for the full version.  This isn't some RPGMaker game which requires special custom scripting to rebind keys.  So act like an actual game and allow gamers to customize their control scheme please!

-Even at 50% volume or lower, the music seems REALLY loud but that may just be my setup.  May want to consider starting the game with all volumes at about 50% of normal volume; let the end-user choose to adjust the volume if needed.

-Bit of a nitpick but screen shake is a mere toggle instead of a gradiant slider with 'more' or 'less' options.  Minor QoL thing if this could be improved upon for the final release.

-Another nitpick but the severe lack of resolution options is disheartening and concerning.  I get the whole 'but da art style' which is fine; however I've seen many other pixel art games like Hollow Knight run perfectly well in a wide variety of resolutions.  There is no valid reasonable excuse for why the resolution options shouldn't be 'anything the monitor/gpu/os can support'.

-Yet another minor nitpick, but I'm not a fan of the black bars and would prefer to see more of the environment.

-The very first enemy encountered that shoots ranged projectiles will hit the player at least once (maybe twice) before the player can become accustomed to the dodge roll mechanic.  I strongly feel that this is poor game level design and a simple look at Megaman X (or the NES originals) would show how to do tutorialized level design without punitive split-second punishment of the player.  I'd recommend a lowered ledge on the initial approach so the player has a chance to practice dodge rolling in safety BEFORE hopping up the ledge and trying to get past the enemy.  Not everyone is familiar with 'iframes' also and therefore that should be communicated in some fashion.

-Why isn't the player taught about ducking?  Not every game allows ducking and many potential players may not know about it.  It also isn't listed anywhere in the control options (only 'movement' is listed).  In fact, best way to deal with those plant enemies is by ducking.

I love the audiovisual design and aesthetics.  I look forward to the full release!  :)

Please set up a Discord server.  Communication through other mediums is far too slow and ineffective to truly convey the full magnitude of awesome that the direct player-dev relationship can blossom within on a Discord server.


Cannot wait until the full release, this is pretty awesome! 


Really sick demo! Cannot wait for the full version!


Fun Demo! Thanks a lot! I wish you great success with the game! 

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Could you post devlogs when you make a new update? It would be great to hear about your newest additions. Also, an option to lower the sensitivity of the scrolling with the mouse would be great. I have a sort of crappy scroll and it isn't always easy to carefully pick which weapon to use. Also also, I think you can include a link to your Kickstarter on the page.

Awesome art. Awesome musics. Awesome characters and atmosphere. Just overall awesome. Looking forward to playing the full version. Great work!

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I think the spin attacks need some sepia colour in the middle to look like the guy didn't just vanish but is there doing the spinning attack.

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I just can't wait to play the full version. Art, music, atmosphere, everything was fantastic. It reminds me of Momodora 4 and Dark Souls (even though I didn't play either :P)

I think that what you did best was the atmosphere. During that sneaking section in the beginning I really felt the pressure.

I felt that the combat didn't really make me switch weapong or tactics a lot, at least not for now. It was kinda hard to switch weapons for me, as it switched 2 at once (I don't know if it's because of my mouse or the game)

I also think that you should put in some dialog and other characters (except if it's not working with the story)

Also, I find that it would be useful to be able to go to the main menu through the pause menu.

I love the graphics. Any way you can make a Mac build? I'd love to test it

This is my second time playing the entire demo all the way through. It's really good! Looking forward to full version of the game!

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