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I simply love your game so far, I hope my viewers will too!

Good luck with the rest of the development, I can't wait to play the finished game!!!

P.S huge shout-outs to the pixel artists, the game is truly beautiful....a piece of art!!

Check out my YT video of the demo here:

I played through your demo and loved it!

Cant wait for the full game and here is a video I made from the demo!

An amazing demo. Can't wait for the full game. Beautiful art by the way.

i cant wait for more , please make more :{


Loved it!

No azerty support?? really...


heyo! just played your game! i think it's amazing! beautiful animations are a good thing if you want to bring the "regular platformer" feel down and the world makes you feel like there is more to it than what you just witness in the demo, definitely want to see more of this in the future.

Absolutely Amazing. Cant wait for more!


Loved this! very well done.


Charming little game, looking forward to seeing more!

Awesome experience.............Keep up the good work.............


I really liked the music and the general game. Even though I really had trouble jumping but I think that's just because I'm bad. But I can definetly see potential in this game. Keep up the good work! 

Thanks for the play-through, the part where you get stuck requires the grapple hook found a little ways back below the other claw drill blocks.

OK, thanks

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Also, for the jumping, it's generally a staple in these type of games but holding the jump button makes the player jump higher.

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the good: 

- graphics and animation are stellar

- the platforming and combat mechanics are smooth, feels great and has amazing polish.  

- music and sound effects are also brilliant. 

not much else to say here. i think everyone can agree with this. 

the needs work: 

- using the bow to destroy the red crystals to drop the ladder wasn't telegraphed enough. i had no idea those things were destructible. perhaps give us an opportunity or scenario where you HAVE to break red crystals with your bow before that part

- i'm not sure if these level designs will be part of the game but i just don't know what this world is or what i'm doing here. there's not enough story exposition imo and the environmental storytelling isn't enough by itself. would love an opening cutscene. i know it's just a demo but it'd still be nice. more characters like the monster by the pond at the end would be lovely. 

- in the span of the first 5 minutes i've already found 4 different weapons from arbitrary places in the map that seem to have more of a utility purpose than combat purpose. just having so many tools thrown at you is a little overwhelming and decreases the significance of each one. 

- the pixel art is stellar but i feel like communication of gameplay elements is compromised in favour of just making the game look more beautiful. in the end, it's about communication. looking good is only a surface hook - i personally care much more about how clear things are in gameplay. i got stuck after i got the grappling hook because i thought the "walkthrough" block at the top of the level was solid and you couldn't walk through it. it was done in the same artstyle as all other elements in the environment. basically - the game's graphics builds up the expectation that certain environmental elements are solid but it also seems to break those rules? kind of confusing somtimes

- arrow signs in the environment are very "hand holdy" in my opinion. it's a game with exploration and adventure elements (unless i'm wrong?), let us explore ourselves and don't tell us where to go. i'm alluding to jonathan blow's point about how he hates games that just tell the player what to do. it eliminates the joy of discovery. respect that players aren't stupid, because we're not. find creative ways and level designs that lead the player indirectly. 

- dog was cool but also completely random. i'm guessing there's going to exposition on that in the full game. i also didn't know how to avoid the chaser damaging you in that sequence. i was holding right but it didn't increase the distance? did i miss something there...

right now, my vibe is: really polished tech demo, plays and sounds amazing but doesn't bring anything new to the medium or genre. i'm being harsh but honest but it's because i can tell a lot of time and work went into this demo. this attracted my attention because it looks great but the game doesn't seem to dive much further down what action platformers can and have delivered in the past. what's the hook? i'm trying to find this game's hook and it's just not there. i can't make a final definitive judgment as this is "just a demo", but you've chosen to release this and this is just my opinion. 


good: graphics, music, platforming

needs work: communication of gameplay elements, story exposition, less handholding, what's the hook?

anyway, good luck. i hope your hard work pays off!

For some odd reason, i keep thinking of Tron 2.0 when i see this title....anyways, off to try out the demo!


This game was absolutely amazing from music,animations, AND THE SIDE SCROLLING PLATFORM....ohhh deer.....i loved it and i cannot wait till it gets released. easy 10/10


love this game you are doing a great job thanks here is my playthrough 

A wonderful game ! Keep going !

Thanks for the support guys, you are all awesome!! <3 


Heck yeah!! This is great!! Take my money!!

Stay Rad Everybody!!


Hey there, I enjoyed this demo it was well animated.  I will wait for the full version with great expections.  If I see this on Gamejolt I will support it there too.  5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer


Had a ton of fun with this, really looking forward to the full release!



This game looks so good.

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